Have you ever phoned the Canada Revenue Agency seeking advice or clarification about an important tax matter? Have you ever wondered whether you are getting correct advice?

Well a recent internal survey (conducting by the government itself) asking that very question provides some shocking new information as to the accuracy of the information taxpayers are receiving when they phone the government looking for help.

When business owners sought tax advice from the Canada Revenue Agency, they were given incorrect information 25 per cent of the time! That is ¼ of all taxpayers!

The questions the government employees got wrong related to GST/HST, payroll remittances and deadlines for submitting corporate income tax returns.

The survey also found that 44 per cent of taxpayers had to dial the help line multiple times to reach the automated system. It took the average caller nearly three attempts to reach a CRA agent.

Prior to this new survey, the Canada Revenue Agency had reported a 92.5 per cent accuracy rate for business tax inquiries.

So back to the question at hand. Have you called the government seeking help and wondered whether you have been given correct information?

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