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Now Toronto: “In Toronto, many small businesses can’t afford to wait for government relief”

The wage subsidy, emergency loan and commercial rent assistance are too little, too late for some businesses owners But like so many small businesses in Toronto and around the world that have been forced to let staff go or shutter altogether due to COVID-19, Wintzen is not alone.

ABA Journal: “What’s brewing: Legal services are changing from conference room to cafe”

The past couple of decades have witnessed drastic changes in how legal services are provided. We now see law offices in traditional settings, such as tall buildings with elevators, and also in supermarkets, warehouse stores and even cafes—as seen in the recently established Toronto cafe Lawyers & Lattes Legal Café.

Spotlight at the Centre for Legal Innovation: “LEGALPRENEURS SPOTLIGHT – DALE BARRETT”

Former software developer Dale Barrett knows the promise and potential of technology, especially for lawyers. His first firm was entirely virtual. His next firm, Lawyers & Lattes, was based in a café to offer more accessible legal services to clients. Both upended the traditional model for a law firm.

Lawsome podcast: “Ep 58 – Lawyers, Lattes & Alternative Law Firms”

Today we discuss alternative workplaces and law firms of the future, as well as new legal consumer behaviors, and then a discussion with Lawyers & Lattes CEO and tax lawyer Dale Barrett, about his new law firm/coffee shop in Toronto.

Pursuit: “Toronto Coffee Shop Provides Lattes & Legal Advice”

It can be intimidating to meet with legal professionals, so a group of lawyers in Toronto created a coffee shop to create a comfortable atmosphere where people can seek legal advice. While a law firm based in a café is non-conventional, sipping a cappuccino while meeting with a legal professional is one way to take the edge off.

Droit-inc: “Un petit “latte” avec votre dossier?”

Ouvert le 29 octobre 2018, le Lawyers & Lattes Legal Café est le seul cabinet d’avocats où l’on peut se réconforter avec un wrap au poulet et un latte tout en remplissant les formalités pour un divorce, un testament ou un différend fiscal.

Njus: “Lawyers and Lattes”

Global News: “Lattes and legal services offered at Toronto cafe”

With a piping hot cup of coffee, customers can also receive legal advice at Toronto cafe Lawyers and Lattes. The cafe is located on Eglinton Avenue West. It opened in October and was founded by lawyers Dale Barrett, Simone Barrett and Tara Steinberg.

Toronto Star: “New Toronto coffee shop offers lattes with a side of legal advice”

“The lawyers here wear jeans. We’re not intimidating.” Lawyer Dale Barrett wanted to open a new firm, where people could just walk in and feel at ease. “The question then became: What’s the best atmosphere for that, what’s the most comfortable? Where are people going to feel the most at home?” he told the Star in a recent interview.

The Lawyer’s Daily: “New legal café offers alternative to law office, owner says”

It’s the only law firm around where one can tuck into a barbecue chicken wrap and pumpkin spice latte while getting divorced, drafting a will or dealing with a tax dispute. This is what is being offered at Toronto’s Lawyers & Lattes Legal Café, a fledgling business that combines a variety of legal services with the breezy ambiance of a bistro-esque gathering spot.

This is Curiocity: “Lawyers and Lattes Toronto’s First Law Cafe”

Post City Toronto: “New Toronto cafe serves up lawsuits and lattes”

Lawyers and Lattes is a new coffee shop slinging espresso with cold, hard legal advice. The business, opened by a local tax lawyer in October, offers advice and legal assistance on everything from drawing up a will to real estate closings –– the only thing it doesn’t do is personal injury or criminal cases. On top of regular legal services, the first Sunday of every month is pro bono day...

blogTO: “Lawyers and Lattes is Toronto’s first law cafe – 11/2018”

Looking for someone to help you with a rental agreement? A pre-nup, maybe? A divorce? Maybe you need to register a trademark, or write a legal will. Whatever the case, at some point in your fabulous adult life, you're probably going to need a lawyer (or at the very least some legal advice).

Post Village: “New Eglinton Cafe serves up lawsuits and lattes pg18 – 11/2018”

Streeter: “Would you like some law with your latte?”

blogTO: “Lawyers and lattes is unlike any other law firm in the city”

Lawyers and Lattes is unlike any other law firm in the city. Doing away with the stuffy and ultra sleek vibes of other traditional law offices, this laid-back spot operates as a cozy cafe that happens to offer walk-in legal services as well.