Beware The Net Worth Audit

Beware The Net Worth Audit (re-published from August 1, 2018 Dale Barrett Managing Partner Barrett Tax Law   Arguably, the cheapest, fastest, and dirtiest way in which the CRA can audit a taxpayer is by employing the “net worth” method. It throws all principals of good audit practice to the wind and allows the […]
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Taxation of a Partnership – The Basics

June 18, 2018 By Vivian Esper Tax Lawyer Barrett Tax Law 1-866-278-8424 416-907-8429 TAXATION OF A PARTNERSHIP – THE BASICS The Canadian common law of all provinces defines a partnership as the relation that subsists between or amongst persons carrying on a business in common with a view of profit. Subsection 102(1) of the Income […]
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AON Inc. – Current vs. Capital Expenditures

On September 6, 2017, the Tax Court released its decision of AON Inc. v. Canada 2015-1043 (IT) G ruling on the issue of classification of expenditures (current vs. capital). The Honourable Justice Gaston Jorre confirmed the established legal test used to determine the nature of the expenditures. In summary, Justice Jorre confirmed “enduring benefit” (most […]
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