February 16, 2013: David Baines, reporter at the Vancouver Sun, continues his investigation of Jeff Eshun, owner of JV Raleigh Superior Holdings Inc. who has been fined $6.95 million by the B.C. Securities Commission and consequently banned from selling investment notes in British Columbia. Dale Barrett, Canadian tax lawyer and principal at Barrett Tax Law, was interviewed for the article to help explain the Fiscal Arbitrators tax savings scheme  promoted by Jeff Eshun and other associates, which has now been disallowed by the Canada Revenue Agency. Dale Barrett describes the situation as a “nightmare” for the approximately 200 hardworking Canadians he is currently defending against the CRA as a result of being reassessed and hit with additional penalties and interest fees. The article in its entirety can be viewed here.

Baines followed up with a new article on February 20, 2013, where Dale Barrett estimates that at least 1000 taxpayers have been caught up in this supposed tax savings program and reassessed by the Canada Revenue Agency as a result. This article in its entirety can be accessed here.

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